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فن جديد من أجل عالم جديد

documentary Revolution: New Art for a New World

للوطن لـستاين



Little heroes of the Great Patriotic War
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الفنون الزخرفية السوفيتية 1917-1945 خريطة الاتحاد السوفييتي من الأحجار الكريمة

In St. Petersburg Geological Museum is a unique artifact - a map of the USSR of precious and semi-precious stones "Industry of Socialism"
"Soviet decorative arts 1917-1945


People building USSR. Soviet Photography 1920-1960

Windows of Moscow" 1972

Soviet porcelain

Nikolai Suetin - Lomonosov Porcelain Factory

26 أكتوبر 2016

"Not one step back" - Stalin

The price of a major world conflict is a high one, and if anyone knows it - it's Russia. As a reminder, over 27 million Soviet citizens gave their lives for that Victory, and there is no possibility that this duty will be forgotten in any world calamities to come.

سومات توضيحية 1940

WWII Anti-Nazi caricature card by noted artist Arthur Szyk - for Esquire magazine. ) make this one of the most popular and well-known anti-Axis series from the war

نسخة نادرة

propaganda articles, as well as pictures and advertisement. Tattered and creased as one would expect of a magazine crammed into the tube of a rocket and ejected by explosives


Nostalghia - Andrei Tarkovsky - Mother Mother
Mother, mother
Wives, little wives
Love me too
If you are going to the green garden
Take me too
If you will gather flours
Gather for me too
If you will do wreaths do it for me too
If you will go to the river Danube
Take me too
If you will put the wreaths on the water, put them for me too
Your wreaths were taken by the wind
Mine has drowned
Your friend came from war
Mine didn't
He doesn't come, the letter is not written
He forget me

آرتيميف الموسيقى التصويرية لأفلام تاركوفسكي

Eduard Artemiev soundtracks for films Tarkovsky
Edward Artemiev Stalker
Edward Artemiev - Dedication
Eduard Artemyev - Stalker - Theme)
Edward Artemiev "Flight

طريق الحياة - أفغانستان 1985

Alexander Grashchenkov "Road of Life", 1985. Afghanistan

بطاقات بريدية

old postcards Stalingrad 
Children's railroads on the cards

24 أكتوبر 2016

سيمفونية الحرب : شوستاكوفيتش ضد ستالين

زينوفيف -الايدولوجيا الغربية قهرية وهي فكرة مبتكرة للاحتلال

Alexander Zinoviev - “The West and Russia – A Controlled Catastrophe

1930 خطة لبناء قصر السوفييت في موسكو كأعلى مبني في العالم

Palace of the Soviets project. 1930
Moscow Palace of Soviets is one of the most famous unfinished architectural projects in history. The huge (the biggest and tallest in the world) building would have become the symbol of the victory of socialism, the symbol of a new country and new Moscow. This project is still amazing in our da


1956 in Budapest, the Hungarian Revolution

كلية الدراسات للأفلام جامعة طوكيو 1967 - اداتشي -الجيش الاحمر الياباني

Masao Adachi joined the Japanese Red Army, an armed militant organization, to organise terror attacks

الأيام الغابرة

1552 احتلت موسكو مدينة كازان على نهر الفولغا.وهذا أول انتصار للمسيحية الأرثوذكسية ضد الإسلام منذ سقوط القسطنطينية
In 1552, Muscovite Russia conquered the city of Kazan on the Volga River. It was the first Orthodox Christian victory against Islam since the fall of Constantinople, a turning point that, over the next four years, would complete Moscow’s control over the river. This conquest provided a direct trade route with the Middle East and would transform Muscovy into a global power

عالمين 1950

Two Worlds, 1950


العمل الزراعي في جنوب روسيا

"Agricultural work in the south of Russia"
Photographs by Vsevolod Tarasevich


تقييم المواد لتحليل خطط ستالين الاستراتيجية

Suvorov Viktor - Inside the Soviet Army
Soviet documents and reevaluates existing material to analyze Stalin's strategic design to conquer Europe and the reasons behind his controversial support for Nazi Germany

23 أكتوبر 2016

شعار عالم الحيوان السوفيتي

the animal world - a logo


سترة الشتاء Afganka أصدرها الجيش السوفيتي 1980 ما زالت تستخدم حتى اليوم اشتق الاسم بسبب الحرب السوفيتية الأفغانية
Winter jacket Afganka - issued by the Soviet army in 1980 are still in use today derives its name because of the Soviet-Afghan war


إرنست همنغواي الصيد في أفريقيا 1950

Ernest Hemingway hunting in Africa 1950

مارتيروس ساريان

روح التحرير

المعلم ومارغريتا مقطوعة هجائية للنظام السوفييتي

Bezdomny, Woland and Berlioz, Master and Margarita

الثورة المجرية 1956 المعادية للروس

تأملات في غرفة طوارئ فرانك أوهارا

Meditations In An Emergency Frank O'Hara


البلاشفة في نيويورك :أمريكا تمثل كبلد" النفوس الميتة"

Bolsheviks in New York: America represents as a country of "dead souls

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ويليام فوكنر - اقتل أعزائك

صوفيا 1972

يعتقد كاسترو أن كرة السلة لها قيمة كبيرة لتدريب الثوار تتطلب السرعة وخفة الحركة والقدرة على التحمل والمكر والتفكير الاستراتيجي"مثل حرب العصابات"-صوفيا 1972
1972 Castro playing basketball during his state visit to Sofia, Bulgaria

Castro loved sports and considered him the opportunity to prove his prowess. Castro also believed that basketball is a great value for the training of young revolutionaries.

Castro said. "Requires speed, agility, endurance, and cunning. In order to achieve success in basketball, the human brain must have lightning speed, and strategic thinking. Just as in the case of guerrilla warfare.

وقائع الحياة في الجحيم السوفيتي" الدعاية الألمانية في «سِمبليتسيسِموس» 1930

"The chronicle of life in the Soviet hell." From the German propaganda of the 1930s
German satirical weekly "Simplicissimus"
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